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Turn your party into an unforgettable event
A party is not a party without balloons! Balloons captivate, add atmosphere, style and excitment. There are many factors that determine the total cost for decorating an event. For each job there is the cost of the balloons and arrangements, and of course delivery, set-up and pack down if required. Below is a small list of our most popular balloon decor and a price guide. Our creative design team is always on hand for corporate theming and colour suggestions.

Event decorating using helium balloons

Our Services
Whatever your occasion let us create the right atmosphere with quality decorating balloons. Let us guide you through a selection of the many designs that can be created by our skillful decorators below:

Helium balloons in a marquee

Table dressing
Table bouquets and centrepieces are the most popular way to theme a room. They enhance the way tables are arranged by filling up the empty space above while leaving a clear view for guests to interact. We also offer a range of designer centrepieces if balloons are not appropriate and hire vases. Table decorations start at $15 each.

Balloon bouquets
Balloon bouquets are a great way of highlighting or theming an area (buffet or drinks table). Jumbo balloon bouquets can fill large spaces and screen any behind the scene work. Balloon bouquets start at $85.

Balloon clusters
Balloon clusters are groups of balloons dressed with ribbons. Ideal to attach to walls or hang from ceilings.They can be themed and have fun elements like stars or moons attached to them. From $15 a cluster.

Balloon clouds
Floating balloon clouds are a popular design at weddings. One large balloon often stuffed with smaller balloons sits apon a cloud of smaller balloons and floats behind a head table. 3 balloon clouds joined together with lavish ribbons creates a stunning effect for photo shots. There is a range of designs and prices depending on what you select.

Balloon arches
Single and double balloon arches are popular at any event and we can create a number of different styles. Our balloon crew are experienced in airfilled and helium work as well as theming (Mardi-Gras, Underwater, Casino, Disco Fever etc). As balloon arches can be quite large we will always provide a written quote for approval as well as images before the job is confirmed. To quote accurately we need to know the location of the venue, length of the arch and approx height and how long you need the arch to float (if using helium). However, we are happy to give a price estimate so you can work within your budget. Single helium arches start at $99.

Fantasy towers
Fantasy towers have many uses. They stand around 5ft tall and often have a spiral in the design. They are topped with floating helium balloons. Often requested at the office party to theme the function. Ideal for entrances and dance floors. Fantasy towers start at $85.

Balloon columns
Balloon columns are towering versatile decorations using a support structure. Often with a large gumball balloon on top (which can have smaller balloons inside). Balloon columns make great entrance, stage and floor decorations. Normally standing around 10ft high. Columns can include lights for added effect. Four balloon columns on a dance floor can be connected to balloon arches or fabric to create a stunning dance floor canopy. Columns are often used in walk of fame nights at entrances.

Dance floor canopies
A truely stunning design and one of our most popular requested is the dance floor canopy. A magical experience to dance under it's no wonder it is requested so often. Ideal for weddings, Xmas and New Year functions, Awards nights and corporate events. Prices vary on dance floor sizes and we are happy to quote.

Dance floor wobbles
A fun and interesting balloon creation which consists of vertical helium balloons joined together to create a dance floor partner. A dance floor wobble will dance all night long and never complain of sore feet! They can be themed to suit the ocassion (made into pirates, smiley people, santas, disco divas etc).

Stage wall decor
Walls of balloon (in all kind of designs) can provide a backdrop to bands, DJ's and stage acts. Stages can be dressed up with columns, arches and jumbo floor bouquets. Great for hiding an unsightly structure at Trade Shows.

Balloon sculptures
Balloon sculptures are creations made in the imagination. If you can dream it - we can create it. Our balloon crew are experienced in theming for corporate events. It's not unusual to get requests for giant palm trees, funky fish or lifesize pink cadillacs. We are happy to quote on any design.

Promotional balloon in a box
Ideal to promote products and services and can include any information or message. All boxes are hand decorated with bows and embellishments. Sweet treats are normally attached to the floating balloon. This product is also great to say: Thank you for your business. Perfect for milestone birthdays and corporate anniversaries. Can be sent anywhere in New Zealand.

Corporate box
A corporate box is stylish and can be anything you want it to be. We have a designer range of vessels which include decorative boxes, cane baskets and hampers. We'll fill with beautifully wrapped sweet treats and dress your box with flair. Just tell us your dollar value and we'll do the rest.

We can supply hurricane vases, candlelabras and themed table decorations.

Let us decorate your corporate event with helium balloons and imagination.

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