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How to decorate your party with balloons
Balloons instantly say 'Party' in any language and they add a fun atmosphere to any celebration whether in a restaurant, pub, club or event venue.

Helium balloons create a fun atmosphere at any party!

How to transform an empty room with balloons
Balloons are larger than life and you don't need many to create a fun look. Ideally, you need a few balloons at the entrance to your party. This can be as simple as three or five helium balloons on a floor weight either side of the door(s). For a more lavish look you may consider a balloon arch or two towers of balloons. If you have a theme to your party we have lots of theming balloons (birthday milestones, masquerade, casino, hollywood etc).

Hollywood, Pirates and Masquerade theming balloons

How to theme a room with balloons
Balloons are a great way to theme a room. We have DIY party packs which are cost effective and great for parties at home. Our balloon decorating packages are ideal for birthdays (21st, 40th, 50th birthday parties) at restaurants, vineyards, pubs and clubs. We are also happy to personalise your balloon decorations to your event in Auckland. Theming an event is easy with our huge range of professional decorating balloons.

Giant letter and number balloons

Personalise your party with giant number and letter balloons
Birthday celebrations and corporate events can be personalised with our jumbo foil letter and number balloons. Great for spelling out a name or a birthday milestone like 21st or 50th. They can also be incorporated into giant balloon bouquets which are a great feature at any event.

Personalised printed balloons

We can print your logo or message on balloons
We can put a simple birthday message of a foil balloon or print a hundred balloons for your corporate tables. Printed balloons are a great way to personalise any special event (especially 21st or 50th birthdays).

Birthday balloon bouquets

Giant balloon bouquets are great for parties
Giant balloon bouquets are great for birthday gifts and for theming a room. At 8ft tall they create a big impact. We deliver and set-up at restaurants, bars and clubs throughout Auckland. Allow $85 each.

Birthdays and anniversary balloons

Balloon towers, dance wobbles and balloon arches
Any room can be transformed with colourful balloons. Balloon arches, balloon towers with 1 metre number balloons, tall columns of balloons with stars or cresent theming ballloons and simple balloon arches over a cake table. All these balloon designs can make your celebration one to remember. Whatever your event just remember "Life should be all full of celebrations and great memories!"

How to decorate with 40 helium balloons

How to decorate an empty room with 40 helium balloons
Just forty helium balloons is all you need to get this great party effect. Float some on the ceiling and use some for table and floor bouquets. Check out our fourty helium balloon special today. You select the balloon colours you love. We'll deliver your balloons on 2 metre matching curling ribbons ready for your party.

Balloon dance wobbles are fun on the dance floor

Never short of a dance partner with our dance wobbles!
We can customise our trade mark dance wobbles to suit your event (pirates, farmers, fireman, nurses etc). Dance with them, punch them, kiss them - they will provide hours of entertainment at your event!

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