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A balloon arch is the entrance to your fabulous event
Balloon arches add excitement and anticipation. Just imagine the look on your guests faces as they walk through a spectacular balloon archway to your event.

Gold balloon arches

Balloon arches make a first and lasting impression with party guests
Balloon arches can be placed outside an entrance or just inside and if you don't have an entrance to speak of - you can create one by placing an arch inside a room.

Balloon arches in all different styles, Helium Balloons

Let us create a balloon arch especially for your party!
We love creating different designs in balloon arches and designs are only limited by your imagination. Just tell us your vision and we'll create it for you.

Pillar balloon arches, Auckland Balloon Company

Pillar balloon arches make a grand entrance statement!
Pillar arches look amazing at entrances and the perfect way to greet your wedding or corporate guests. They can be created in any wedding or company colours. They can be short or tall depending on your doorway size. Add matching floor balloon bouquets (5 balloons on a floor weight with a bow) for general room decor.

Giant balloon boat anchor, Auckland

Giant balloon anchor for themed events
Whatever your theme we can design a balloon sculpture to suit your entrance. How about two giant 8ft anchors for a nautical theme? If you can dream it - we can theme it!

Balloon arches

Balloon arches and matching balloon table decor
Event themes can be followed through in balloon table decorations, balloon floor bouquets and helium balloon dance floor canopies. If you can dream it - we can theme it!

Balloon arches created by our professional balloon crew,, Helium Balloons  & Event Hire

Balloon arches come in all shapes, sizes and colours
A single string of pearls balloon arch will cost $75. We can create any size balloon arch to suit your wedding or corporate event. Just ask us.

Balloon string of pearl archway

Pillar arches can be tall or short depending on your event space
Balloon arches let your guests know they have arrived and the event is going to be something special. A balloon arch creates the feeling of excitement and anticipation as to what the rest of of the event will be. It's the first impression to your wedding or corporate event.

Balloon entrance pillars

Balloon arches with numbers, letters or decorative theming items
Balloon arches are imposing and regal standing at 6-8ft high and topped with giant 3ft balloons, glizy stars or 40 inch letter or number balloons. They can be themed to any event (Masquerade, Casino, Adwards, Hollywood etc)..

Black and yellow balloon arch, Auckland, NZ

If you can dream it - we can theme it!
Just tell us what you have in mind and we'll create it for you.

Casino themed balloon entrance arch, Auckland

Themed balloons entrance arches for corporate events
Whatever you choose for your event - we'll create something fun for your guests.

Balloons add the special touches to any event whether it be in a restaurant, bar, Hotel or event centre. Don't forget to invite us to your special event!

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