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Helium Balloons And Event Hire
Helium Balloons and Event Hire offers one of the most affordable helium balloon delivery and decorating service in Auckland. Let us sprinkle a little magic over your event. Whether it's a small party at a restaurant, a birthday celebration or a full blown themed corporate event - we'll decorate it with flair and imagination!

 Helium balloon specials
40 helium balloons and matching curling ribbons
50 helium balloons and matching curling ribbons
100 helium balloons and matching curling ribbons
Custom printing of balloons
Send a designer balloon in a box gift
Themed jumbo balloon bouquets. View sample designs
From $75.00
 YES! We have a delivery service
We accept all major credit cards
 Helium gas specials and balloons
Helium gas tank and regulator (40 balloons)
Helium gas tank and regulator (100 balloons)
Helium gas tank and regulator (500 balloons)

11 inch pearl tone quality decorating balloon.
All colours available.
Colour chart

Please note:
We only stock the best decorating balloons in the World with superior strength and colour consistency. They float for longer and are 100% natural and biodegradable. We do not sell cheap party balloons which you will pop more than you will fill. These cheaper balloons can be purchased at discount variety stores if you prefer them.

0.80c each
4 day tank hire  Order now

 Popular balloon decor items - ask for quote
Helium floating balloon centrepieces
3 helium balloons anchored to a base containing wrapped sweets and dressed with a bow. Lots of colours available
View image
from $15.00
Balloon clusters and curling ribbons
Air filled balloon clusters with ribbons. Ideal attaching to walls or hanging down from ceilings.
View image
8ft giant themed balloon bouquets
Ideal for putting the theme in your event or a great gift item.
View image
Floating balloon arch
Single string of pearl balloons forming an arch. (doorway, cake table, head table).
View image
from $75.00
Themed fantasy towers (5-6ft high)
5ft balloon tower with spiral in design and floating themed balloons at top. Ideal entrances and general room decor.
View image
from $85.00
8ft-10ft balloon columns
Ideal entrances and general room decor. Columns have spiral in design and often topped with a giant star or round balloon.
View image
from $95.00
Balloon decor package deals
Ideal birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and events at home.
View image
from $175.00
Themed balloon decor package deals
Ideal corporate themed events.
View image
from $175.00
 We create 'THE WOW FACTOR'
We accept all major credit cards
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We put the 'theme' in your event!
We accept all major credit cards

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