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Balloon clusters can be filled with air or helium gas
Balloon clusters are ideal for walls, ceilings and can be attached to columns or hand rails. Balloon clusters come in all shapes and sizes and can be a mixture of round or long balloons for impact. Price guide: $15 per cluster (includes ribbons).

Balloon clusters

Balloon clusters can be attached to walls, fences, trees!
Giant balloon clusters are the perfect decorations for plain areas which need a bit of jazzing up. They basically can be attached to anything that has an ancor point. Ideal along walls, fences, wrapped around marquee poles and over windows etc. Baby balloon clusters are great for decorating handrails.

Floating balloon clusters

Large helium filled balloon cloud clusters
Large helium filled balloon cloud clusters can look stunning as floating centrepieces or can be placed anywhere in an event where you want to draw peoples eyes. These colourful helium clusters below are topped with a larger balloon for impact. Matching colour ribbons add the finishing touch.

Balloon clusters along fence line

Balloon clusters on fences
Weddings look spectacular with balloon clusters . Dressed with ribbons and bows they are a great for attaching to walls.

Balloon Clouds

Puff clouds, balloon in a balloon
Balloon clouds can come in an array of colours (plain or printed). Their shapes depend on the balloons used. For example you could have a star burst cluster which would be a mixture of long balloons instead of round balloons. Our event decorators are always on hand to assist you in your choice of balloon decorations.


View our price guide for balloon designs, vase hire, themed centrepieces and more. If you would like your next corporate event decorated with imagination and flair - don't forget to invite Helium Balloons.

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