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Wedding decor using helium balloons
Your wedding doesn't have to cost a fortune but it can look a million dollars! View our wedding table centrepieces and wedding package deals.

Let us dress your wedding tables with balloons
Dress your tables in style with helium balloons. We have a huge range of styles and colours to choose from. Price guide: From $15 per table (3 balloons and a weight).

Wedding table centrepieces

Let us dress your tables with flowers
Three floating hot pink gerberas, flax and gemstones in a large designer fishbowl (20.5cm). Price guide: $20 per table.

Wedding balloon arches and puff clouds

Balloon clusters, balloon bouquets and entrance arches
Weddings look fantastic dressed in balloon clusters ($15), giant celebration balloon bouquets ($85) and entrance arches (from $75).

Giant puff clouds floating

Giant puff clouds look amazing at weddings
Giant puff clouds are a great wedding feature and can be floated behind a head table or around the room. They gently sway in any breeze. They have lots of ribbons hanging from them and the top balloon has a balloon in a balloon effect.

Balloon arch

Balloon arches, puff clouds and cake table arch
Let us decorate your wedding in style with balloon entrance arches, puff clouds and an arch over your cake table.

Balloon puff clouds

Balloon puff clouds floating in the breeze
Puff clouds are a popular wedding decoration and can be floated behind a head table, or anywhere in a venue to add atmosphere.

Black and white balloon decor for wedding

Wedding balloons
Heart balloons come in all different sizes are are great for table bouquets.

Balloon clusters

Weddings at home
A few balloon can add that extra touch to weddings at home. In the above image the fence was decorated with balloon clusters leading guests through the balloon arch to the marquee in the rear garden. Balloon colours were pearl silver and white with matching ribbons.

Bali flags for outdoor weddings

Authentic Balinese Wedding flags (Bali flags)
Bali flags or Umbul Umbuls (Balinese flags) are an increasingly popular item for outdoor weddings at beaches, parks and gardens. Imagine walking slowly down an aisle of beautiful white flags that are handmade from Ubud in Bali. Available in 1.2 metre, 5 metre or 7 metre lengths they are made durable parachute silk.

Church balloons

Church balloons
Just a few balloons can create all the difference at a church.

Wedding table centrepieces for hire, Auckland, NZ

Wedding centrepieces for hire
View our sister website www.centrepieces.co.nz for DIY and on the table centrepiece designs.

Let us create something magical for your wedding!
View our other wedding hire items.

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